Shut Up

Adam and I have been living in the bedroom – the only room with air conditioning – for the past week. The first few days of the heat wave, we managed to keep the rest of the house relatively cool, by keep the curtains drawn during the day. Now the house just feels shut up and stinky. I’m hoping that the evening air tonight will cool down enough to air out the house.

How are you coping with the heat?

P.S. If you want to follow along with my descent into madness through sleep deprivation, the Sleep, Baby, Sleep page is up and updated. Just click the link at the top right of my page.


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  1. The heat is just starting up out here. By the weekend it’s supposed to be unbearable. We do the ‘keep everything closed routine’ during the day, then open it up as soon as the sun goes down. We don’t have any a/c, but we did buy a new fan for the living room which I love. I’m just glad we bought it before ths heat wave hit. All the stores around here are sold out now.

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