Catching Up

My Sleep, Baby, Sleep 2010 Challenge continues. Meagan over at 2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back (Meagan is new on the blogging block. She has wonderful style, is very funny and I hope she continues. Go love her up!)  is in the same boat, with a 5 month old baby who does not sleep through the night – gasp! – and has a wise post about letting go and accepting the situation as it stands. I completely agree, though I am enjoying tracking Adam’s sleep (or lack of) for the following reasons: I can see on paper that it’s perfectly rational to feel as tired as I am, I know that some nights are better than others, which is encouraging and for future Mother’s Day rants re: What-I-Did-For-You, especially important as my labour story isn’t that horrific.

* * * * *

I’ve started the adjustment to my $250 Grocery Challenge, by shopping weekly ($62.50 a week). I’ve also added a $100 float for cleaning supplies, other household items and for great sales that my weekly allotment won’t cover. I’ll replenish the float with any money leftover during the week.

Using an allowance system for our day-to-day spending has helped a great deal. We weren’t perfect this month but our spending was a lot more thoughtful when we knew what we could spend. I hope we will get better at this because it will help our budget immensely.

* * * * *

Screw you, HST. Our cable bill (phone and Internet, we don’t have “cable” for TV, though we do get a few channels that they can’t shut out) is up $12. Gas is more expensive and I am not looking forward to our hydro bill. And to make it more obnoxious, we have yet to receive our rebate cheque.

* * * * *

We had a hail storm over the weekend and Thomas tried valiantly to save our garden by covering it with a tarp. Most plants that were flattened have come back but our heritage tomato plant is limping.

* * * * *

And how have you been?



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3 responses to “Catching Up

  1. I’m sorry to hear that the garden got beat up. We had some tornado warnings a couple of days ago which made things interesting around here. The sun is shining today but they tell us that more storms are on the way. Crazy weather!

    I sincerely pray that your little guy gets used to sleeping in longer stretches, but yes, you do indeed have some ammunition for the future.

  2. Sorry to hear your garden got clobbered. We’ve been dealing with brain melting heat down here.

  3. Thanks for the love! I am still new enough at the blogging thing that I can’t believe anyone actually reads what I write!

    I think the sleep tracking thing is a great idea, and not at all in conflict with the idea of letting go – in meditation aren’t we always told to observe the thoughts as they pass through our minds and then not hold onto them?

    I’m really looking forward to reading more of your blog, my husband and I just this very morning had a little chat about the upcoming 6 month mark and what that means for me returning to work. I can’t imagine going back but I’m not sure about the money situation, so your ideas and experiences will be really helpful!

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