Sleep Baby Sleep Update

So it’s been 10 days of my Sleep, Baby, Sleep 2010 Challenge and I do see a wee bit of progress. Adam still wakes up at night… a lot, but it’s getting easier to get him back to sleep. He seems to better understand what going to bed is all about and is getting sleepier and more relaxed with a few cues, rather than me wearing him down.

He wants to nurse almost every time that he wakes up and while I’ve been stopping him from comfort nursing, which makes our time awake shorter, I’m not sure how to get him to fall asleep without it. If I try rocking and shushing him back to sleep, he gets more and more upset until he’s crying. I do think he needs a feeding at about 11:00 or midnight, because he takes a good long meal, but the rest of the night, he would be fine without it. He has no interest in a pacifier, other than “isn’t that a funny thing?” sort of interest.

Any ideas?

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