A Good Baby

“Is he a good baby?” This is one of the most frequently asked questions I hear about Adam, especially at church. At first, I answered “Oh, yes!” because, well, I’m his mother and I didn’t really understand what was being asked. Of course I think he’s a good baby. Who says, “No, he’s an awful baby… terrible… such a bad, bad baby”?

Later I realized what people wanted to know was if he was a good sleeper, a good eater, a happy camper that played quietly by himself while I got things done. And because I’m his mother, I can say this – no, he’s not. He is not a good baby. He whimpers and whines most of the day unless I’m holding him and gets bored with toys after a few minutes. He naps erratically and hasn’t let me sleep longer than 3 hours since he was born. It takes a lot of patience to keep him focused while nursing and he likes to claw at my face while he eats. He has scratched my eyeball twice.

But I still answer that yes, he is a good baby. Despite the lack of sleep and the mess of our house, I’m not complaining because having any baby is wonderful. Day to day, it isn’t easy. But I know this time will pass quickly and I’ll remember the sleepy baby nursing in the dark, the little boy who clings to my shirt as we follow the cat around the house because it’s too hot to go anywhere and I’m too tired to think of anything else we could do. I’ll miss this when it’s gone.

Besides, technically, he is good at being a baby. He messes a lot of diapers. He cries and fusses. He can’t get anywhere on his own. He is very, very good at being a baby. So I’ll continue to hear the question as “Is he good at being baby?” to which, I can answer honestly, “Yes! He is very, very good.”



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2 responses to “A Good Baby

  1. That’s one question I always thought was ridiculous. I like the way you explain your answer here.

  2. I agree. Any baby is a good baby. 🙂 You forget about all the “bad” stuff after your baby isn’t considered a baby anymore. In the big scheme of things, a little fussiness, barf and poo stains on your carpet doesn’t really matter.

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