Clothes For The Freakish

I have always had trouble finding clothes that fit. My arms and legs are freakish long, my hands are freakishly big and my waist is freakishly high. I end up with sleeves and pants that are too short, mittens that don’t cover my wrists and pants that are too big and hang around my hips. I bought my clothes a size larger and though nothing really looked right, it sort-of-kinda-of fit well enough to wear.

But since my pregnancy, the “good enough” approach to clothes sizes isn’t working anymore. My hips are wider, my rib cage has expanded and let’s not even discuss my midsection and how it must never be seen. Those changes have been enough to render a lot of my clothes unwearable. After I reached my pre-pregnancy weight, I lost another 10 pounds (A LOT of walking wearing a 20 pound baby) so I could wear something other than yoga pants. We aren’t in the position to buy a whole new wardrobe so I’ve been trying to make things work and losing the extra weight meant I could wear a few more things, though it didn’t look quite right.

While I haven’t worn shorts since high school, the heat and humidity was getting to me, so I thought I would buy a pair of shorts to wear around the house. After our weekly trip to the library, Adam and I stopped by the only place in town to buy clothes – Giant Tiger – and found a pair of shorts in my (previous) size for $10. Done. With the baby in tow, I couldn’t try them on, but I figured it was my pre-pregnancy size AND I had lost 10 pounds. Surely these would fit.

They so did not fit.

This morning, Thomas, Adam and I went together to exchange the shorts. Unfortunately, I had the largest size available. I tried on a few others and found one – ONE – pair, the largest pair among the selection that fit. With several full length mirrors, I could see the problem. My freakishly high waist means I have a freakishly long rise, meaning the crotch-to-waist measurement. This is why I’ve always bought pants that were too big and wore them on my hips. Nothing in my size would reach my waist. Now that my hips are wider, one size too big doesn’t cut it anymore. I need something two or three sizes larger, which looks ridiculous.

I bought the shorts. It’s too darn hot to wear pants and it’s only July. But I’m stuck about how to deal with the rest of my wardrobe. I have found a few shirts on clearance that fit very long, which covers my unmentionable tummy. But pants? Maybe I should just wear skirts…




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2 responses to “Clothes For The Freakish

  1. I’ve been trying to figure out clothes for my newly weird body after baby too. I hate shorts on myself, so my new go-to is high waisted skirts – makes me looking smaller in the middle and turns the bigger hips into an hourglass instead of a problem. I have even taken old skirts and altered them a bit so they can be worn higher on my waist, with a close fitting top tucked in. I don’t want to think about what happens when it gets cooler and I have to wear pants!

  2. I have kind of a similar problem… with finding the right clothes that is. Plus-size petite maternity wear is not the easiest to come by. I hope you are able to find a workable solution.

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