Trouble Makers

Dear Motorists,

Once you come around the curve in front of our house, you do not need to hit the gas. I’m sorry you had to slow down to navigate the turn, but I’m sure you did not lose so much time in doing so that you need rev your engine to make up for lost time.

P.S. Enjoy your joy-ride for the next two blocks until the next curve.

* * * * *

Dear Cat,

I’m willing to admit that I may have forgotten to close the cat feeder last night. That does not mean that you should have eaten your next four meals before 7:00 a.m. It certainly does not mean that you should be begging for food now. I think you’ve had quite enough.

P. S. Greedy.

* * * * *

Dear Train Engineer,

As my driving instructor told me when I was 16: “A polite toot-toot is sufficient; you do not need to lean on the horn.” We heard your horn the first time. You’re a train and you’re coming through. We get it. Thanks.

P. S. Did you know babies have a hard time falling asleep to a train horn? I’m just saying.

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One response to “Trouble Makers

  1. Oy! I don’t have to deal with cats or trains (unless I’m at my mil’s house), but I hear you about the speed demons. We live on a straight stretch with no stop signs so the boys with their loud toys like to race down our street with their not-so-muffled engines roaring.

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