New Goals

My August goals aren’t super ambitious – still trying to line-dry most of laundry and still trying to get our grocery budget down to $250 a month.

We’re going to Wisconsin at the end of September to visit Thomas’ family. If it were just Thomas and I, we could make the drive down in a day (a long day). With Adam, we need to split it up, which means a hotel stay on the way there and on the way back. We’ll be staying with Thomas’ mother for most of the week, but Thomas is officiating a family wedding while we’re there, three hours from his mother’s house, so we will likely be spending another two nights in a hotel. The hotels stays and gas will be expensive. I’m hoping to save a little by bringing some snacks and drinks with us, so our meals on the road can be a little more modest. We’re trying to save $600 to cover the gas, hotel stays and food.

My other August goal is less daunting – make my own baby food! Adam has just started on rice cereal. He isn’t very hungry, since breast milk is still filling him up. But he is excited about eating from a spoon. Once he’s used to a couple of cereals, we’ll be trying fruits and vegetables. It seems ridiculous to buy jarred baby food when making it is so simple and inexpensive… not to mention more delicious!

I’ve also added a progress bar for Thomas’ upcoming clergy conference this fall. I went last year and enjoyed it, even though I was seven months pregnant and felt like crap. I won’t be going this year for a few reasons: one, Thomas can get a ride with some other priests and I don’t think they would appreciate a screaming baby in the car and two, as interesting as the conference is for Thomas, the town where it is held doesn’t have much to do for a baby and his mama. Last time I went to the grocery store to admire the variety of goods that Americans have that Canadians don’t.

Paying for both trips is going to be difficult, especially since it’s challenging to find an extra money in the budget. But scrimping for a few months is much better than debt!



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3 responses to “New Goals

  1. Sounds like you have all your ducks in a row for both trips! 🙂 Hope you’re able to save everything you need to!

    I made my youngest’ baby food all the time, it’s SO easy and much healthier/cheaper! I wish i’d have done that for all of them! Live and learn I guess! 😉

  2. I’ve totally been thinking about making my own baby food when that time rolls around. I can’t accept the amount of sugar and salt in the commercial stuff. Not to mention, I would get to control the quality of the food. If you haven’t already, stock up on dollar store ice cube trays. They make freezing one ounce servings so much easier!

    I hope you are able to get all the savings you need for both trips! Praying!

  3. Canadian Home

    I had a hard time finding commercial rice cereal that was JUST rice cereal with added iron and vitamins. So many had milk products, corn syrup, additives, all sorts of crap. Finally I found some, but after that experience I read up on making my own cereal, too.

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