Rolling It Over

Making coupons work for a budget, you need to combine the coupons with good sales. It’s easy to do over about a half hour or so with a pile of flyers or even better, visit Smart Canucks, where good people post the combinations every week.

Once you understand what is a deal and what isn’t, it becomes a good game. One of the best games is Rolling It Over. recently had coupons for Stouffer’s frozen entrees – Buy 3, Get $2 Off. Several stores put the meals on sale over a period of time for about $1.99 each. Three meals, minus the coupon were $3.97 or $1.32 per meal, which with a piece of fruit is a quick and inexpensive lunch. Stouffer’s has a deal where 12 codes (from 12 meals) can be redeemed for $15 worth of coupons and a $10 grocery card. Ideally, I can use the coupons combined with more sales, but at the very least, I get $10 worth of free groceries. Rolling over the savings this way – a little knowledge of what’s out there and a minimal amount of work – and I’ve made $10 from $1.32 lunch.

Another game of Rolling It Over came from an offer from General Mills. Becoming a fan of Cheerios on Facebook earned a coupon for a free box of cereal. Later, there was an offer on cereal boxes for a free magazine subscription with purchase. Using my coupon for the free box of cereal, I waited for the free magazine subscription boxes to be available. And I chose a subscription for a magazine that often comes with coupons.

Are you playing Rolling It Over?


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