New Tires

In the process of moving (twice)/buying a house/Thomas’ new job/my lack of job/having a baby, we left winter tires on our car over two summers. After the first summer (and winter), there was no point in taking them off as they were done, but Thomas’ valiantly drove another year with the same tires. This summer, however, he had to reinflate one of the rear tires every few days. It was sad.

We needed new tires and we need them soon as we will be doing a lot of driving in September. So Thomas shopped around and found a good deal – four new tires installed – $350. While it’s no fun shelling out hundreds of dollars, I was happy that we could pay cash. We had used the tires as long as we could (and then some) and then bought new ones without using credit.

It may be a trivial event for some, but we’re living on a very tight budget and trying to scramble out of our debt hole. For us, this was a big deal. I’m proud of us.


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2 responses to “New Tires

  1. Not trivial at all! Paying cash for stuff makes me so happy. Especially when it’s an important purchase (like tires)! Good for you guys!

  2. I think it’s awesome!!! SO many people think nothing of throwing big buys on cc’s, then end up paying SO MUCH more in interest fees then they’d have to if they just paid cash!

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