Don’t Look In The Attic

I was going to post about our start to a very long road of kitchen renovations. The current kitchen is also our laundry room and very very small. There’s an addition to the back of the house, which must have been a mud room/canning room/work shop and until Monday held a heap of our own junk. We knew when we bought the house that it would be our kitchen eventually.

That’s a costly project and we have other issues with the house which we need to address first, but my father was keen on coming over, clearing our the back space and insulating before winter. Thomas and my father spent Monday pulling boxes from the attic space.

When renovating the oldest part of our house last summer, we found many knick-knacks, old newspapers, a framed picture of the queen (circa 1950), a stack of Popular Science and Popular Mechanics from 1947, a cistern full of jars of… something (we haven’t cleared that out yet), some old pictures. We know a little about the couple who lived here before us – they bought the house in 1955 and while the husband died in the mid-70s, the wife lived here until she had to be moved to a nursing home. But we don’t much about them, beyond her love of tacky knick-knacks and his questionable home improvements.

Thomas was quite happy when looking through the attic, finding the odd bits and pieces that people keep, finding out a little more about this couple. I was upstairs nursing Adam when Thomas came upstairs with a handful of fabric and a horrified look on his face.

In a box with tile samples, a small planter and some other odds and ends, he found a Nazi arm band. It’s the real deal and in very good condition, made of wool and with Third Reich tag intact. Thomas did some research and discovered that the black trim indicates that this arm band belonged to an officer.

After the initial startle of the find, Thomas discovered a picture of a young man in a Canadian or British uniform (we believe this is the husband who lived here), a flag for a Fascist leisure club, a Nazi standard issue belt buckle and some military field books, including how to identify aircraft from the ground. Thankfully, we aren’t living in the former home of Neo-Nazis – we’ve come across some trophies of war. Unfortunately, we are relunctant owners of Nazi memorabilia. One of the pitfalls of home ownership no one talks about.


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