We’re Back

It was nice to get away but Thomas and I learned that we aren’t cottage people. It was a lovely place – a quiet area, a beautiful lake and great bird watching. But we couldn’t go in the lake because of algae, we couldn’t go out in the boat because Adam doesn’t have a life jacket and we couldn’t walk many of the trails because of the bugs. We played chess, walked to and from “town” (a restaurant, a store and a gas pump) and did a lot of sitting on the dock.

We also confirmed what we already suspected – Adam is not an easy going, take-it-as-it-comes kind of baby. He’s rather like an 87 year old man who is accustomed to fish sticks for Friday lunch and Heaven help you if you want to serve chicken fingers. He knows what he knows and that’s all that he wants to know. Adam was cooperative until it became clear that we were spending the night and he was not pleased.

All good to know as we will be spending a week visiting Thomas’ family in the States at the end of September. If anyone has any baby travel trips (we’ll be driving), please let me know!


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  1. Love the pic… 🙂 Not all babies are “grab n’ go”… gotta go with whatever works! My girls were all “home babies”, yet my son could adapt anywhere and at anytime!

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