When we bought this house last summer, we really lucked out with our neighbours. They’re AWESOME. He’s an actor and she’s an artist that stays home with their 4 year old twins. They, too, came from the Big City, have one car (a shocking sacrifice in our neck of the woods) and they are incredibly generous. Mr. Neighbour has been doing a play for the last six weeks or so at a fancy dinner theatre in the Big City and got us tickets. For free! Mrs. Neighbour offered to babysit.

Adam has never been away from Thomas or I for longer than 30 minutes and that was when he spent part of a church service in the nursery. Thomas’ family is in the States and my family is about two hours away and had never offered to take him – they aren’t really “kid” people, which is funny because my parents had four kids. We don’t have many friends, Thomas works a lot, I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding and it just worked out that Adam is nearly 7 months old and had never been away from us.

Going to the play, we would be gone for five hours. I pumped like crazy to have two bottles (as I rarely pump for a regular feeding, I actually have no idea how much Adam eats), packed some pureed sweet potatoes and pears and, Adam’s favourite, a bottle of water. I packed a pacifier, which Adam has been using for the past week to help him go to sleep and a few favourite toys. We dropped him off with Mrs. Neighbour and left.

For all his fussiness when his schedule doesn’t go the way he wants it to, for the lack of napping while he was there, he did very well. I was hoping he would be fine – for his sake and Mrs. Neighbour’s – but I had no idea how it would go. I am relieved and very proud of him for going with the flow . And very thankful for our neighbours, who gave us an afternoon out, just the two of us.

We are very lucky.



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4 responses to “Neighbourly

  1. That’s so awesome! I’m glad that you guys got a chance to be out for some grown-up time! And hooray for the little guy doing well with the neighbour!

  2. What an incredibly awesome set of neighbors you have. A night out sounds absolutely incredible. Glad the little guy did so well.

  3. Monica

    Good for you having having great neighbours who are so generous. We are in the same boat as you too. My parents live an hour away and will hardly take the kids. If I want them to watch them for long periods of time (like overnight) I have to pay them! My husband’s father lives an hour the other way from us and can barely take care of himself, so I would never even think to leave my kids with him. We don’t have a lot of friends either, live in a small town and my husband works a lot too. We trade babysitting services with my SIL and her husband a few times a year. It’s nice to be kid-free once and awhile to help remind you that you are a “couple” not just “Mom & Dad”.

  4. That was SO nice of your neighbors to offer up some free babysitting!! What a blessing! 🙂

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