Fall Planning

Thomas’ vacation is nearly over as he resumes work with this Sunday’s morning services. It has been wonderful having him here, being able to play with Adam, having lunch together as a family and spelling each other off with the baby so we can each sneak in a nap or two. I’ve been able to clean the kitchen floor – a serious undertaking – while Thomas played with Adam and I’ll be having lunch with a friend tomorrow while Adam has more Papa Time. It’s amazing how much easier things are when you can outnumber a baby… and amazing how overwhelming it can be when you’re one on one.

Thomas’ fall schedule shouldn’t be too crazy. He keeps office hours from Tuesday to Friday, has meetings or other church activities two or three evenings a week and might have a wedding or funeral on Saturdays. Sundays, we’re usually home by 2:00 and Monday is his day off. He is away a lot but compared to, say, Lent, Easter or Christmas, this is a good schedule. And now that Adam isn’t nursing every hour or two, will happily take a bottle and can eat a few solids, I am able to be away from him a little more often.

Keeping in mind Thomas’ schedule, I’ve been thinking of things I’d like to do this fall:

Swimming! By myself and with Adam. It seems silly to pay for a baby swim class when I could just take him down to the pool myself to splash around. Pool chemicals give me hives, which I can live with but if Adam reacts badly at the first class, it would be a huge waste of money. For me, I need to start being more active. Once the awesome calorie burner of breastfeeding is gone, I’m in trouble.

Baking! I am a terrible baker. But practice makes progress and I think I’ve been getting better. I’ve been getting recipes online that have been tried and rated, which is very helpful and makes for more successful baking attempts.

Knitting! I spent much of August looking for patterns for Christmas gifts, which would use yarn I already have. I think I found a good one but it’s very tricky to start and I’m struggling.

Sewing! Thomas bought me an awesome book with patterns for using up scraps of fabric and I would love to try them out.

What are your plans for fall?

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