Crafty Christmas

Well, Christmas is just around the corner. Four months around the corner, but there it looms, especially when one plans on making gifts. Last year, I think I did really well and knit most of our presents. Knitwear isn’t for everyone so we also bought some books and ended up spending about $100. I’m using Swagbucks to buy gift cards for so we won’t have to spend anything at all this year if I get some good crafting going.

I started in August but abandoned a few projects because they weren’t quite right. I’m trying to use yarn I already have and it limits my choices. I was also looking to expand my knitting skills by trying something new. Using Ravelry, I found a pattern that is just right: I have the yarn, it’s easy but does involve a few new skills and it’s an appropriate gift for at least two people on my list:

The Grrlfriend Market Bag

I could live without the Girl Power name but I love the pattern. Starting the bag is tricky but once I got it, the pattern zipped along… until I had to switch to a larger pair of needles, which I don’t have. Anyhoo, once I have the right tools, I’ll be on my way.

Anyone else crafting for Christmas?

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