Back To Caffeinated Children

Like a lot of people, I love September. The cooler weather, the warm and tasty food of autumn and the way everyone settles into a routine. September used to mean fewer kids roaming the neighbourhoods, instead they were collected into school yards, set out for a run two or three times a day for a few minutes. We live near our community’s largest school, which practices a “balanced day” – rather than a lunch hour and two short recesses, the day is broken into thirds with two 50 minute breaks. The breaks are also staggered, which guarantees that anytime during the school day, there are scores of kids wandering the neighbourhood and wearing a path between the school and the Tim Hortons a few blocks away and across the highway.

The school has an immense yard, some paved, a lot of grass area, several soccer fields, outdoor gym equipment and benches, but I can’t say that I ever see kids playing there. No, they’re picking up an iced cappuccino and a cruller, getting their caffeine and sugar fix.

I’m not certain why the school and parents think that elementary school children should be off school property during the day and when they are, Tim Hortons is the place to hang out. Then again, this is one of the schools that ranked in the 0 percentile in provincial testing. While I agree there are issues with the testing, maybe the school should look into how much time the kids are spending on the donut curriculum.

Reason #267 why homeschooling is for us.



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4 responses to “Back To Caffeinated Children

  1. This is an elementary school? Good heavens… we weren’t even able to go across the street to a convenience store before grade six.

    *shaking my head*

  2. Wow, we couldn’t leave campus in middle school.

  3. Canadian Home

    It’s ridiculous. I have to say, though, the kids hold the door open for me when I have the stroller and I can’t always say that for the adults who hang around the Timmy’s.

  4. That’s nuts! What are they doing at Tim Hortons? And why are they allowed off school property?

    I remember elementary school and we weren’t allowed off property unless we had written consent from our parents (and even then it was only those in Grade 8 that were allowed to bring in those letters – there were no ands, ifs or buts for any student under the age of 13)

    Homeschooling – I have thought about it on and off for the past few months. I just don’t think I could do it for my daughter (would love to but geography and history are definitely not my thing). Good thing we live FAR from any type of coffee shop or shopping plaza. She can’t go anywhere during lunch time (except home LOL)

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