I’m fairly desperate by Friday.

Thomas usually has at least part of Saturday off, usually Sunday afternoons and all day Monday, as well. In that time, I can leave Adam for more than 10 seconds while I do some dishes, make a meal or throw in some laundry. By Monday night, I’m usually caught up with either the laundry or the dishes. Never both.

Tuesdays, I can manage. Some dishes, some laundry. Thomas is home in the evenings so I can make dinner and do dishes while it’s cooking.

Wednesdays, I’m doing my best. Thomas comes home for an early dinner but then is back at work for a few hours. If I’m lucky, Adam goes to sleep and when he does wake up, he nurses and goes right back to sleep. I can tidy and do a bit of knitting.

Thursdays, I think I can still recover. Thomas comes home for an early dinner but then is back a work for another few hours. At this point, the house is beyond “tidying”. I start thinking about how much knitting I have to get done, work on a project, hoping the Adam doesn’t wake up and I make mistakes that I have to unravel because I’m too preoccupied worrying about Adam waking up.

Fridays, I’m desperate. In my denial of  how much needs to be done, I took Adam for a nice long walk this morning and came home to hallway full of cat puke and a ticked off cat because I forgot to fill the automatic cat feeder for 11 o’clock because I was hoping to have time to clean it before that feeding, which I forgot about because Adam was super fussy after missing a three hour chunk of sleep last night.

On Fridays, I make well-intentioned lists of what I should do while Thomas is home. I think “This week will be different.”

I think you know this song and dance.


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  1. That sounds about par for the course with a little one in the house.

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