Christmas Knitting… Go

I’ve settled on most of my Christmas knitting gifts. To add to the pressure of having no time, no money and lots of knitting to do, I’m posting my knitting list and progress (or lack of) here. That way as we get closer, readers can heckle and shame me into staying up all night to finish what I said I would do.

Christmas stockings: We didn’t have Christmas stockings as a tradition in my house when we were growing up. I envied all the kids with the wee things that Santa found for their stockings. I’m knitting stockings for Thomas, Adam and me. And maybe the cat. The way he’s behaving, though, I’m sure it will be full of coal.

Sweater for Adam: I have a great book outlining sweaters knit from the top down. I’ve started a button up cardigan for Adam.

Market Bags for my mother-in-law and sister-in-law: Hopefully, easy-breezy.

Hat for my brother: He shaves his head. I figure he needs a hat.

I’m browsing patterns for ideas for my other brother, my mother and Thomas. I think my niece and nephew are old enough to notice handknits are not what the other kids are wearing and not old enough to realize knitting is AWESOME.

Anyhoo, back to the knitting!



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3 responses to “Christmas Knitting… Go

  1. Do you have a pattern for stockings or are you still looking? I made some amazing stockings using crocheted squares and it would work with knit squares also.

  2. I was getting lots of knitting done when I was pregnant but haven’t been at it since my son was born. I’d really like to get back into it, but I honestly find that half of the time the yarn is as expensive as buying something pre-made. Do you have any tricks for finding inexpensive and nice yarns?

    • Canadian Home

      Yarn can be so expensive. I have a huge stash leftover from when I was working and I had no problem dropping $200 on a bag of beautiful, exotic yarn. Now if I need something, I go a Lens Mill (you’re in Southern Ontario, right?) or a Michael’s.

      The great thing about knitting for babies is it doesn’t take much yarn! The sweater I’m making for Adam takes about 3 balls of wool, which cost me just under $20. Of course I could buy him something much cheaper, but I figure it’s hours of entertainment for me, I can make him exactly what I want AND he gets something made just for him from Mama!

      Whatever you do, don’t get acrylic (or any non-natural fibers). It knits up weird, you won’t enjoy knitting and you probably won’t like the end product. A really nice yarn for babies is bamboo and so fun to knit.

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