Two Gifts for Under $5

My niece and nephew have birthdays that fall within days of each other. Some Saturday in September, my sister-in-law invites both sides of the family over for snacks, cake and the unwrapping of many, many presents. Employing the money-saving idea of shopping all year for gifts, I managed to get both kids presents for less than $5.

My nephew is turning 13, a difficult gift-giving age, I think. He is a big Harry Potter fan, though and with the new movie coming out, I thought movie passes would not be unwelcomed. Early this year, I received two free passes from spending so many dollars at SDM. Put them in a card – DONE!

My niece is turning 8. When had sale on children’s books this year (it’s also on NOW), I found several for her… for 99 cents each! I’m saving some for Christmas. The one for her birthday is a step-by-step drawing guide for all things Halloween. Perfect for late September. I bought some markers on clearance after the Back to School rush, also for 99 cents.

I added a sketch book from the dollar store ($1.25… seriously, Dollar Store?) and I think she’ll be happy.

Total cost for both gifts: $3.23


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