Does This Include Field Trips?

As I have mentioned, we’ll be visiting Thomas’ family next week. While we’re gone, we need someone to come in once a day to fill the automatic cat feeder, reassure the cat that he hasn’t been forgotten and to bring in the mail. When we lived in the Big City, I found a great cat sitter. She took her job very seriously – she wrote up a report about how the cat fared while we were gone, gave him a new toy, had us call her from the airport when we returned so she would know that we hadn’t died in spectacular crash (because what would happen to the cat??) and even came on the day that we were returning, even though we told her it wasn’t necessary because she thought the cat might be lonely. For all this, she charged $15 a day.

We’re in a much smaller community now and I budgeted the same. It didn’t occur to me that it would cost more. I thought we were paying Big City prices when we lived in the Big City. Boy, was I wrong.

I could only find two businesses that do in-home cat sitting that service our area. Both will feed the cat, change his litter, cuddle him – all in less than 30 minutes. One lady wants $25 a day, the other wants $23. For the time we’re gone, this will cost over $200, more than a third of our budget for the entire trip.

I can find CHILDCARE for an entire day in our neighbourhood for those prices. It is 30 minutes of work and easy work at that. The businesses have websites and the employees are bonded and insured. But beyond that, there’s no enormous overhead to justify these prices. It’s ridiculous.

Briefly, I considered calling up a childcare provider and asking for quotes, but in the end I’m going to end up taking the $23 a day lady. I don’t have much choice. But seriously? SERIOUSLY?

I’m considering starting my own business and charging $15 a day. Take all the cat business in town. Yeah.


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5 responses to “Does This Include Field Trips?

  1. Hokey dinah! That’s a crazy price!

    And yes, I think you just found your new calling!

  2. This sounds like a great business for you. The prices you quoted seem high, but I have never really looked into it. Stopping from Mom Loop. Come by and join the Friday Follow

  3. You should totally start a business and undercut them all.

  4. Kim

    Hi just found your blog via Life As Mom – Frugal Fridays.

    Just wondering if you know of any teens in your area – I know my 13 yr old son would love to cat sit for even $10 a day. He has been thinking of a way to earn money, maybe this is it. You wouldn’t want to hire a kid you don’t know, but maybe someone you do? It is a pretty easy job.

    I read in your bio that you are in the furhest corner of the GTA? Which corner? 🙂 Being nosy, I live in Bowmanville, which is east of Oshawa.

  5. Crap! That is a lot of money – I thought even big city prices were kinda high (although I’ve never hired a pet sitter before). $15/day for 15 minutes of work. Really – $1 a minute?

    I think there would be tons of kids who would love to do pet sit like Kim said too! When I was in highschool I was always hoping that someone would pay me to watch their pets (I’m a huge animal fan) but I guess suburbanites don’t do that kinda thing.

    At any rate, I hope you have a great trip and manage to negotiate some better rates. $200 is quite a lot! Probably enough to cover the cat’s airfare (if you are going by airplane that is ;))

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