Crazy Busy

Thomas and I are getting ready to head out for our big Wisconsin adventure. Thomas is doing last-minute business at the church and I’m making lists and figuring out the logistics of travelling with a breast-feeding, home-made food eating, teething, eye-infected baby.

We were smart enough to realize that we can’t take our cloth diapers along. I have 18 diapers, which works at home when I wash every other day but it would be a nightmare to coordinate on the road. But not using our cloth diapers means having to buy disposables, which I’ve never done. I have no idea what size diapers Adam will need or which brand will fit him better and have fewer leaks. I had to find a good deal on diapers but before that, I had to do some research to find what is considered a good deal.

Breast-feeding makes travel easier. While it is sometimes hard to find a discreet place, I imagine dragging around cans of formula and washing bottles isn’t always easy.

I’m also thankful that Adam hasn’t learned to crawl yet. He’s a relatively happy baby in his car seat, partly because sitting in one place is what he does. If he knew he could get around if he weren’t strapped in, I’m sure it would be a much longer trip.

We’re eating up what won’t keep for a week and I showed the ($23 a day) cat sitter how to fill the automatic cat feeder. We’ve asked the neighbours to keep an eye on the place. We’ve seen the doctor and Adam has (another) ointment for his ever-growing collection of topical applications for rashes and other nasties. I’ve taken back some library books and renewed others. I’ve bought snacks for the car ride and have decided on a knitting project to bring along.

Tomorrow is the day before we leave and we will be crazy busy. I’ll be back soon with plenty of pictures and stories to tell. To all other bloggers: don’t do anything interesting while I’m gone! It will take me forever to catch up.


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