Back To Normal

All in all, our Great Wisconsin adventure was a success. Adam was a champ in the car – falling asleep at his nap time and sleeping for two-hour stretches (I wish he did this at home), playing nicely when he was awake and not making a fuss when he was put back in his car seat after a half-hour stop. The first three days of our trip, we were able to feed him and put him down at his usual times so he didn’t mind that the venue had changed. But by Sunday, we were at the mercy of a hectic visiting schedule and his patience wore thin after too many meal delays or naps interrupted. He was still delightful during the day, though a bit shy with all the new people. But the nights. Oh, the nights.

For the first time in Adam’s life, Thomas and I broke down, got out of bed and got in the car, driving around in the dark, until Adam fell asleep. Towards the end of our stay and continuing at home, he’s waking up 20 or 30 times during the night. And besides the times that he would nurse anyway, he just wants to be held. I slept on the floor of his room last night, in an attempt to have him sleep in his crib again. By 2 o’clock, we were both so exhausted, he slept on the floor with me. I’m hoping a week or so at home, with his regular routine will help him because I am so tired with his BEST sleeping schedule, never mind these shenanigans.

Other than the inevitable disruptions, the trip was awesome. Adam met a lot of Thomas’ family, which is much bigger than my family (funny, as Thomas is an only child and I am one of four). Both hotels where we stayed had indoor pools and Adam went swimming for the first time and LOVED it. Thomas and I ate frozen custard. Thomas’ cousin’s wedding was very fancy, which was fun and Thomas did a great job as officiant.

And because Adam did such a good job on the way there, we thought instead of taking two days to drive home, we’d try to do it in one. The trip is just under 11 hours but that’s without a baby. We agreed that we would stop overnight if it wasn’t working, but if we made it to the border (2.5 hours from home), we would push on through. Adam was great and we weren’t too worried when an hour from home, we ran into some traffic on the major highway that we were on. Three lanes merged into one (for construction I imagine – we never got that far) and as we crawled along among the many large trucks that travel along that route late at night, we discussed getting off at the next exit and taking side roads. As I looked over the map, I thought I heard something at the back of our car. I turned and saw the grill of a semi, inches from my face. A truck was edging us off the road. Thomas applied the brakes (we were just crawling along) and the truck continued to push us into the car in front of us. Just in time, Thomas cut into the shoulder of the road, gunned along past a few cars and trucks and cut back in.

I’m sure the truck driver didn’t see us. But you would think that if there was a car length of space to cut into merging traffic, there might be a car down there. I wonder if he would have stopped when he heard crunching metal. At any rate, it scared us silly and we got off at the next exit and like good Canadians, went to the first Tim Hortons we saw. After nearly 2500 kilometres of travel without incident, our car had its brakes tested against a semi only an hour from home.

Adam slept through the whole thing, which is funny because a creaking door will disturb his sleep at home.

As Ma Ingalls would say, “All’s well, that ends well.”


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