Sleeping Like A Baby

Thank you for the messages of support, both public and private. Books, experts and know-it-all parents will have you believe that you have something to do with how well or how badly your child sleeps. But when you have a baby that doesn’t sleep and try just about everything in vain, only to have that baby change sleep habits with no rhyme or reason, that’s when you realize how little control you have. It’s nice to know that there are other sleepless children (and parents)  out there because sometimes it seems like a dirty little secret.

Anyhoo, Adam has been sleeping a smidgen better, though I spent last night sleeping with him on the nursery floor again. Sometimes when he was drifting off after nursing, he would try to roll over and wake up again. He would give me a look of betrayal and a wail – “Why are you making me roll over when I am TRYING TO SLEEP?” when I was about to fall asleep myself. Fun.

I want to sleep in my own bed. I don’t expect to sleep uninterrupted (sleep through the night? ha!) but spending most of my sleeping hours minutes in bed would be nice.


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  1. Oh hon… I’m sorry that the sleep thing has been such a trial. I wish I lived closer and could offer to spell you for a night or two. Praying that you and your little one are able to get some sleep soon and often!

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