Why Adam Is Awesome

Well, I’m ready to stop listening to my own whining about not sleeping. It’s true – sleep is rare in these here parts but Adam isn’t simply a sleeping problem to be solved.

Why Adam is Awesome:

He thinks I’m funny. This will change and there will be a time when I am annoying and/or embarassing and/or lame. But right now, I’m hilarious. And needless to say, he is mighty funny, too.

He loves walks… and so do I! With a destination in mind or just aimless wandering, in the stroller or strapped to Mama’s front, he’s always ready to go out and about.

He eats anything. It’s hard to tell if he has likes or dislikes in the food department, as he accepts just about anything. He does seem to be enjoying mango, though.

He doesn’t cry very much. If he knows when he’ll sleep and when he’ll eat, he doesn’t cry very much. Even as a little baby, he had some break-downs over diaper changes, but got over it rather quickly. He whimpers and moans, but we rarely get a spectacular boo-hoo-hoo.

He lights up at the sweetest things. A toy bug that plays “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”. The opening words to the book “The New Baby Calf”. Seeing recognition cross his face and the sweet smile is worth listening to that bug or reading that story again and again.

Despite our sleepless nights, his smiling face in the morning is enough to keep us going.



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