Thanksgiving and Baby Food

I hope all yous Canadian hosers had a good Thanksgiving, eh.

Thomas, Adam and I went drove to my parents’ house an hour and a half away, stuffed ourselves with turkey, visited with family and came home with most of the leftovers. My mother made an obscene amount of vegetable sides and the ones that weren’t fancied up (just boiled or steamed), I’m going to blend up to add to Adam’s freezer stash of baby food.

Thomas was able to entertain Adam on Sunday afternoon so I could make up some more baby food. Out of all the ways to save on baby expenses, this has to be one of the easiest. I have been steaming fruits and veggies for Adam, blending or mashing and freezing them in ice cube trays. Once frozen, I dump the cubes into a plastic container, label it and Bob’s your uncle. One of the first foods I made was sweet potato and because he doesn’t eat very much, two sweet potatoes lasted for nearly two months. Obviously, he was eating other foods in addition to the sweet potato, but still. That’s a good investment of $2 and a few minutes of my time.

Here’s the stash now:

There’s also carrots and apple sauce in freezer trays, waiting to be moved to containers. I’m hoping to add green beans, squash, more cauliflower and Brussels sprouts this week.

There’s oodles of resources for making our own baby food, including first cereals (also super easy!). This is one I like, but there are so many. Considering the going price of baby food around here is about 70 cents a jar and has about 4 ice cube sized servings, this is a great and healthy way to save money. I know there’s no added salt, sugar or preservatives and I know the food is fresh.

And did I say EASY?



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3 responses to “Thanksgiving and Baby Food

  1. I’m totally planning on making my own baby food. It just makes so much more sense than buying jarred stuff. I get to control how much salt and sugar go into it, and it’s so much cheaper. I just need to get our freezer organized so that I have somewhere to store it once I start making it… 🙂

  2. I’ve been making all of my son’s food since he started solids and can’t believe how easy it is. I actually think that for me it would be more difficult to BUY his food than to make it – I never go to the grocery store.. just the market and the bulk store, so I’d have to make a special trip to pick it up. And there’s so much more variety in the fruits and veggies if you DIY! I think my son is already developing a sophisticated palette because I make my own food.

    Happy chef-ing!

  3. Definitely with you on making your own food! Indeed the jarred food is expensive. And who knows how long they’ve been sitting on the shelves. I remember freezing my purees in an ice cube tray so that I knew how many “portions” Hannah would eat at each feeding. It was easy too when travelling or going out. I’d just warm them up before we went and put it into a Thermos.

    Happy cooking!

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