My life lately has been centred on Adam and his/our lack of sleep. Things seem to be getting better, though. I’ve updated the Sleep, Baby, Sleep page, if you’re interested in following along on this adventure.

I hope we get more sleep around here so I can catch up with my Christmas knitting. My two projects for the month are Thomas’ Christmas stocking and a market bag for my sister-in-law. The stocking is nearly 75% done, but I’ve started the market bag and ripped apart the market bag three times. The start is tricky but I’ve mastered that (having done it three times now) but whenever I get to the main part of the bag, which should just cruise along, I drop a stitch somewhere and can’t find it. After two rows, I have 99 stitches instead of 100. What the…? I’m going to give it one more go and if it doesn’t work out, I will admit defeat. (Defeat due to sleep deprivation.)

Having our trip to Wisconsin and Thomas’ trip to his clergy conference happening within weeks of each has made for a couple of extra frugal months. I am pleased that I think we will have the money for the conference and not have to dip into our savings. A few things worked out for us – the deposit to open our account with the gas company last year has been applied to our account and we won’t have to pay that bill until at least January, we’ve had a bit of extra money that came in from various sources and we’re doing better with our grocery bill. Woo!


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  1. Yay for happy budget surprises! I’m glad that things are falling into place for your trips!

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