When I lived in the Big City, I had the worst colds ever. I was a disgusting, snotty mess at least twice a year and the colds would last for weeks. Maybe it was working with the public. Maybe it was spending so much time crammed into streetcars and subway cars with hundreds of strangers. Maybe living in such a large city opens one up to exotic cold strains from around the world (isn’t multiculturalism wonderful?). At any rate, it was awful.

After a few years, I thought I would be more proactive about avoiding getting sick. My first anti-cold campaign was Cold Free 2003. Followed by Cold No More 2004. They weren’t very successful, evidently as the next year I tried Stay Alive 2005. I gave up after that but with a baby and the germy places that babies tend to frequent – Early Years Centre, I’m looking at you – I’m thinking of reviving my campaign.

Any ideas for 2010?


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