Halloween Show and Tell

Adam’s grandmother made a Halloween outfit for him and he showed it off at church.

Funny, just like Ollie over at 2 Steps Forward, he had a Baby Mum Mum as a treat.

We had seven kids come to our door. Much better than last year’s TWO (our neighbours). I understand that parents are concerned about kids wandering the streets and eating candy from strangers, which has manifested into Halloween parties instead of Trick-or-Treating. There was an event in a nearby community, advertised as The SAFEST Halloween Party (the caps are theirs), which seems a bit panicked and paranoid. I think people, especially older adults, miss kids coming to the door.

Anyhoo, we’re happy to hand out candy and even happier to eat the leftovers.


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  1. Ok, that is THE CUTEST little pumpkin i’ve ever seen! lol! He’s sooo adorable! And getting SO big!!

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