Mascot Phobia

Yesterday was the Santa Claus Parade. One of the few perks of living on a main artery is that the parade comes right by our house. No setting up lawn chairs early to get a good spot. No toughing it out in bad weather – we can watch from our living room.

I had a meeting at the church and while I was disappointed to miss that experience with Adam, Thomas made sure that they were fed and home in time to catch the parade. I wrote a letter to Santa on Adam’s behalf and postal workers collected the letters along the route. If you live in Canada, you can write to Santa (his address and postal code: North Pole, H0H 0H0) and he’ll write back! Thomas and Adam delivered the letter and enjoyed the festivities with our neighbours. Thankfully, Thomas took plenty of pictures for me.

I grew up with a creepy feeling about mascots. I hope Adam doesn’t find this as disturbing as I do.



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2 responses to “Mascot Phobia

  1. Ohhhh… I forgot about the letter to Santa thing. Would it be too cheesy if I wrote a letter on behalf of the Halfling?

    I was never creeped out by mascots/costumed characters, but my little sister sure was. Oh could she scream! LOL!

  2. I’ll have to write Santa letters with my girls! 🙂 Thanks!! What mascot is that one?? He looks like a Berenstain bear to me!! Lol!!

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