Uncooperative Elf

Thomas’ mother can’t visited us for Christmas and we can’t visit her (as Thomas has to work on Christmas… obviously) and I know she’ll be a bit sad to miss Adam’s first Christmas.

I thought we could take some Christmas-y pictures and send them with her gifts. We dragged out the decorations, dressed up the baby and took a zillion pictures. And almost all of them are crap. He isn’t smiling or even looking at the camera. The pictures are blurry or washed out. I’m struggling to find a handful that will work.

This is one of the better ones. Sadly.

Cute and anonymous – the uncooperative elf.



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3 responses to “Uncooperative Elf

  1. Aww.. he is absolutely adorable!! I actually love this shot! lol!! If you want some help with editing, i’m pretty good with photoshop… feel free to send me a couple and I could “snazz” them up a bit for you! 🙂

  2. Canadian Home

    I would LOVE that! I’ll look through them and see what might work. But be warned – these are total crap-o-la.

  3. He’s adorable. Even though he’s anonymous it’s much better than my daughter’s first Christmas photos at home. She was crying, scared of the tree and crawling away.

    I love his outfit too!

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