December Goals

1. Post more often. I really love reading other blogs and the way we share our lives with each other. It will be a long and lonely winter without being in the blogging loop. My goal is to post at least every other day.

2. Meal plan consistently. Hard to do lately as I’m never sure when we can go grocery shopping or what food will miraculously appear from the church. I am so thankful for the extra food that comes our way but it sure makes it hard to plan.

3. Get Adam out of the house once a day. We’re both happier when we can get out and about. As the days get darker and colder, it seems easier to stay inside. But we both have warm clothes and the brisk weather is character building.

4. Christmas knitting. Even cut way back from my original plan, this will be difficult to do. I’ll be able to finish a Christmas stocking for Thomas and Adam (undecorated) but mine will have to wait until next year. I’d still like to knit something for my sister-in-law and my mother.

5. Cut 10% from our budget. I have no idea HOW but we need to cut.

6. See the new Harry Potter movie! Thomas and I have conceded that we won’t be able to see this together. Adam has proven himself quite the hysterical mess when left with anyone else. You know how babies cry when you leave them and they stop? Adam doesn’t stop. Considering the closest movie theatre is 30 minutes away and the movie is nearly 3 hours, we don’t know anyone who will listen to a screaming baby for 4 hours. We’ve decided to see the movie separately. I have free movie passes and Lord knows we have enough Scene points to buy snacks for ourselves and the rest of the audience so this will be FREE!


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One response to “December Goals

  1. Great goals! 🙂 I wish I could knit… there are so many “items” on my wishlist but I have NO talent in this area! If you’re good at it you should look into selling items on Etsy to supplement your income! I’m taking my kidlets to see the new HP movie… they’ve already seen it once but i’m dying to see it and I have free passes to use up once the “no passes” restriction goes away!

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