Adam nurses roughly 400 times a night and despite my best efforts, I couldn’t create a cloth diaper combination that worked all night. The word on the baby message boards was that there was a certain brand of night time diaper that was AWESOME and when I found them at a relatively inexpensive price, I gave them a try. Indeed, they do a great job and until Adam is night weaned, I’ll keep using them.

I buy them for $5.67 for 18 and only use them at night so we’re paying about $10 a month. Imagine my couponing-heart skipping a beat when I saw the latest Smart Source flyer had a $3 coupon. I swooned and jumped onto coupon forum and offered up anything on my trading list for these coupons. Someone answered right away and I offered some free product coupons I have for things we would never eat and she’s sending me 10! That should (dear Lord, I HOPE) see us through night weaning… for less than half price!

I haven’t been trading the coupons for long but done with some strategy, you can save money. We don’t use formula, diapers (usually), few beauty products, cleaning products or feminine hygiene products (I’ve been using a Diva Cup for years) so I have a lot of coupons that are useless to me. I trade for food products mostly – cereal, bread, canned soups, tuna, granola bars. It costs a stamp but if you trade enough coupons – my latest trade I’m getting $30 worth! – it’s a good deal.

Are you couponing?



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5 responses to “Couponing

  1. I confess, I don’t do coupons. I should. I know I should. I love the idea of the online coupons… not having to dig through newspapers that I wouldn’t otherwise read… but we don’t have a printer, so it’s not exactly practical.

    Sounds like you made one heck of a good deal there tho! Very impressed!

    • Canadian Home

      We don’t have a printer either. Most of coupons come from sites that you click on the coupons you want and they send them in mail… for FREE!

      It takes some effort but it feels like a game and I find using coupons fun. My 15 year old self would be mortified to hear me say that…

  2. Yes! I have been couponing for only a few months – started this year actually because I kept stalking SmartCanucks and reading the Brag section and was amazed at how much money people were saving (and how much they were getting for next to nothing).

    I haven’t traded though – I should try to since I don’t use up all the coupons I have/collect and I thought people wouldn’t be interested in my coupons since the majority of what I have is probably the same thing they have too. But now I’m understanding more how savvy SmartCanucks users are – they like to collect as many coupons as they can for the same product so that when things go on sale they can get 20+ of the same thing! Makes sense.

    I do like food coupons the most as I try to stay as natural as possible when I clean (baking soda, vinegar and water at this house!) and I do not wear any makeup unless I have to go to a special event (ie. wedding LOL)

    Can I ask what brand this diaper is? That seems like a great price and since baby #2 is on it’s way over here, I gotta start stocking up now! HA HA HA.

    • Canadian Home

      The diaper brand is Fisher-Price Happy Days & Nights which I get at Walmart. I get the Happy Nights only but you can buy either or buy the pack which has both. Like I said, I just get the Nights and there’s 18 (size 4) for $5.67.

      And congratulations!

  3. Thanks Amy!

    I didn’t even know that Fisher Price made diapers. The things you learn online! 🙂

    I am slowly building up my diaper stash although I have been considering cloth diapers this time around too.

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