Missing the Point

The last week or so, Adam has discovered the power of pointing. It’s fun that he can show us what he wants to read or eat or ask about. We know that given the choice he’ll eat nothing but bread and that he thinks ceiling lights are note-worthy. When we look at books, he’ll point at what he recognizes. His favourite bath toy is a rubber duck (that my mother got from a pharmaceutical company at a conference) and he’ll point to the rubber duck in his baby word book.

We’ve been reading this book to him since he was born:

**SPOILER ALERT** It’s Mary and Joseph that are coming and the last page pictures Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus, surrounded by all the animals of the stable. Almost every time I read it, I ask, “Where’s the baby?” and I point to the baby. Now, before I can even ask, Adam laughs victoriously and points… to the cat. Every time.



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