Hard To Buy For

Do you have gift recipients on your list that are hard to buy for? We do. My parents are a challenge. They both worked so much that they don’t have many hobbies and what they do want for themselves – which isn’t much – they buy for themselves. My siblings and I have tried getting them gift certificates for restaurants that they regularly go to but months later, you’ll see the gift certificate on the fridge door, yellowing with age.

My dad has been renovating our house for us so I bought in a tape measure engraved with his initials. He doesn’t need it but I think it’s a nice thing for him to have and a small thank you for everything he has done for us. I bought my mother a blank journal (with Swagbucks via Amazon gift cards). I figure it’s a consumable so it won’t more “stuff” to her life and she’s firmly in the world of paper date books and to-do lists.

My nephew is 13 and a techno geek. We have a tiny budget and he’s so far ahead of us technology-wise that we could never guess what gadget he might want anyway. I thinking of getting him a gift certificate for Threadless. He doesn’t do much shopping online and I’m sure he doesn’t pick out his own clothes so I thought this would something new for him.

As for Thomas and I, we are the easiest people in the world to buy for. Thomas loves gift baskets of food and I love handmade soap and candles. Who are your challenging gift recipients? Are you hard to shop for?


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  1. My father-in-law is so hard to buy for!! He’s getting a $50 GC for Canafian Tire… We know he’ll use it at least!

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