CBC Blahs

I have the radio on most of the day. It’s usual on CBC Radio 1 so I can hear the news but at some point during the day, I’ll turn to the classical station. I have a love/hate relationship with CBC. There’s some programs I love like C’est la Vie and some programs that are hit-and-miss like The Debaters and programs that are just so bad (not the so-bad-it’s-good-way) like Afghanada. Some weeks are great when the discussions are relevant and interesting. On the other hand, I remember a particularly slow week when there was much (VERY much) discussion about the white squirrels in Exeter (Webmaster of the squirrel website: welcoming visitors with “All Canadian… All White… All Squirrel” is a bit creepy. Just so you know.) Last week seemed to be dedicated to debating the various merits of winter tires.

Thomas has been listening to lectures from iTunes U. I know there’s plenty of radio stations on the Internet but I don’t have the time to sift through everything.

Do you listen to the radio? What’s your favourite station?



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  1. I very rarely listen to the radio, and if I do, i’ll just play with the tuner till I find a Classical Music station more often than not… lol!

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