The Christmas That Wasn’t

Adam had a two hour nap on the afternoon of the 23rd. I should have known trouble was on the way. That night he had a fever of 102 and for the next two days (Christmas Eve and Christmas, if you’re keeping track), we gave him acetaminophen every four hours and held him constantly. He was oozing snot and then started coughing and wheezing. He didn’t want to eat but wanted to nurse like he was a newborn. This is Christmas Eve when Thomas left for work:

A very unhappy baby. He’s still sick and he’s appetite is not what it was (except his appetite for all night nursing) but he’s back on schedule and plays happily most of the day.

We did open our presents on Christmas morning before Thomas left for church but otherwise it wasn’t very Christmas-y here. I suppose the bright side is that it won’t be hard to top Adam’s first Christmas.

Hoping your Christmas was more merry!


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  1. Aww.. poor kid! It’s going around… i’m sick, my youngest has the croup, and my middle daughter has a cough now, oldest daughter a sore throat. Sometimes you just can’t win.

    Not sure if you know this, but i’ve always done this with my kids, you can alternate ibuprofin & acetomenophen. It keeps the fever down MUCH better than Tylenol alone… you’re just alternating them and they take meds more often is all, but definitely the way to go!

    Hope he’s feeling better now!

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