2011 Goals

1. Pay off our credit card debt. This debt represents approximately a quarter of our annual income. I had this goal in mind already but it doesn’t hurt that I can join The Saved Quarter Challenge! If you haven’t read her blog, it’s very inspiring.

The rules are:

1. Find new ways to cut your expenses, shave your spending, and make extra cash for your goal. Be creative and try something new.

2. Keep going even if it looks like you’re getting behind.

3. It only counts as saved if you have the cash to apply to your goal. Deals can be great, but “Saved $xx” at the bottom of the receipt only counts if you actually put that saved amount into your goal fund.

2. Save a set amount each month as well as half of any extra income. The other half will be applied to our credit card debt. We have big expenses in our future: replacing our car and adding a kitchen to the back of our house. If we’re careful we’ll be able to pay cash for both within two years.

3. Use up more crafty supplies. I have enough yarn and fabric for hundreds of projects. The only exception for supply purchasing is minor bits to finish off a project (i.e. zippers, thread, etc.) and only if I have nothing that would make do. Part of this goal is to do MORE craftiness – fun!

4. Create a household cleaning schedule. As hard as I try, there’s always going to be some mess and it’s easy to feel like a failure. After years of working outside the house, I compare my work-at-home day and frankly,  at the end of the day when your “work space” is worst than when you started that morning, it feels pretty crappy. Maybe with some direction, every day won’t feel like I’ve worked all day and done nothing at all.

5. Meal plan. Our budget and our meals are better off when I meal plan consistently.



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4 responses to “2011 Goals

  1. Great goals, I agree with all of them! I don’t have a ‘housework routine’, but there are things that are done daily… I can’t go to bed with a messy house.. so my kitchen/bathroom/dining room/living room are always clean. Keeps me sane… 😉 lol! Good luck with your goals!

  2. these are great goals and i think they should all be easy for you! i totally agree with the household cleaning schedule. i have one and OMG has it ever helped me. before this schedule, i would just clean when i remembered to do so and by that point there was dirt and grime everywhere and it was very difficult to clean. now, i clean most things once per week and it’s faster and easier, thanks to my schedule!

    good luck with all of your goals! 🙂

  3. I have a ‘sort’ of cleaning schedule and it really helps me to keep on top of stuff…Good luck with your goals this year 🙂

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