I Is Illiterate

I’ve been working on a Bachelor of Science degree through a distance education program. There are elements of the program for which I will have to travel to the university but that’s years away. I’m working away at the courses I can do from home. The last course I took was Statistics. I took the exam when I was 38 weeks pregnant. Talk about cutting it close.

Anyhoo, I’ve just started an English composition course that’s required for most of the programs. It’s meant to prepare students for undergraduate work and the university advises that you must be fluently in English to take this particular course. One of the first bits of business is an online test to ensure an appropriate level of literacy.

Last night after Adam went to sleep (finally), I sat down and started my test. Easy breezy for awhile. Then a section where I had to keep referencing a paragraph that I had read to answer multiple choice questions (“Is the answer: a) Sentence 4, b) Sentence 3, c) Sentence 14 or d) Sentence 12.”) This was too much for my sleep deprived state. I knew I was a bit confused as I would go back to the paragraph, read Sentences 4 and 3 and then forget what I was asked. But I continued, confident that I was literate and could certainly pass an English test for a course where the first assignment is to write a paragraph about myself, 9 t0 12 sentences long.

I finished the test and pressed submit. I need a 90% grade to be considered fluent enough to take this very basic course.


Seriously. I am so tired that I no longer speak English. Apparently.


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