Crazy Busy

It’s been a very busy week.

I’ve started my new distance education course. It involves a lot of reading and writing and Adam doesn’t allow much time for that kind of focus. I’m using scraps of time wherever I can get them.

I’ve also been helping organize a grief support group for children at our church and this was our first week. I was talking to parents, meeting with volunteers, hunting up materials for the sessions and trying to figure out a way to be out of the house for two hours once a week. This particular two hour stretch encompasses Adam’s bedtime and he isn’t used to be putting to bed without nursing and some cuddling with Mama. We tried moving his bedtime but he’s a) resistant to any change and b) teething so I haven’t had much sleep.

But anyhoo, I’m finding bits of time to do my course and the grief support group is up and running. Whew!


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  1. What a wonderful thing you’re doing! I hope Adam adjusts soon & his teething doesn’t last too long… the joys of motherhood huh? 😉

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