Good Deal Glasses

I know buying glasses online seems like a bad idea but it has worked out great for me. It’s much cheaper for the same glasses and lenses that cost hundreds of dollars at chain stores and it doesn’t take much work to find something that will look good.

Clearly Contacts is having a clearance sale this weekend. All glasses are $38! They ship quickly and they have an awesome return policy if you don’t like how they look.

You need to know your prescription, which your optometrist should have on file and should give you a copy if you ask (begrudgingly, if they sell glasses in their office). To find a pair that looks good on you, measure your current pair (or any pair of glasses or sunglasses that suit your face) and start browsing.

These are my current glasses, which I bought online:

They were $64, which worked out perfectly because our insurance only pays up to $100 every other year for glasses.

Don’t pay inflated prices for glasses!



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3 responses to “Good Deal Glasses

  1. They look great!! 🙂 And what an awesome deal!! Wow!

  2. Wow… those are fantabulous! You look great! And I love the price!

  3. I saw this deal too and was about to buy until I realized that I didn’t have my prescription on hand and couldn’t find it in my files 😦 and I am scheduled later this year for an eye check up so I will have to wait for that to find out my new prescription.

    The glasses look great on you!

    I wish they’d have a promo on sunglasses too as I would like some with a prescription (not a contact lens wearer since the day I became a mom – it’s just too time consuming LOL)

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