Money Saving Monday #4

**Dear Lord, it took me a long time to post this. It’s been that kind of… year.**

We’re in the first half of our first pay period of the year. Our new budget will be tight but I think we can do this. We’ve already maxed out our “household” money buying a lead test kit and a window insulation kit. Both purchases were much needed. We strongly suspect that the remaining woodwork in our house has lead paint and we would like to start pricing out how to have to removed. And we have some very drafty windows that needed attention.

As I mentioned before, our grocery budget is very tight. This month will be tighter due to a visit from Thomas’ mom for a few days and there will be a small crowd at our house for Adam’s birthday. My budget for the party food is $40.

This is what I’m thinking for Adam’s party, using up some things that I already have:

Lasagna Pinwheel Bites (estimate $7)

Caesar Salad (estimate $6)

Fruit Kabobs with Dip (estimate $15)

Drinks ($10)

My mom is bringing a veggie tray and I’ll make the cake. Anyone know an easy cake recipe that would be appropriate for baby?

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3 responses to “Money Saving Monday #4

  1. Sounds like your house needs a lot of work… Is there any way to find out if it’s lead paint before you have it all removed?

    Your menu for the birthday party sounds great! Does Adam have any food allergies? I would go for a carrot cake with cream cheese icing.. yum! Or you could do a very simple vanilla.. check out the Joy of Baking website for recipes… I love that site!

  2. Canadian Home

    The lead test kit I bought is the same kit a contractor would use. Even though the swabs aren’t 100% reliable, if you read any reaction as positive for lead, it’s about 80% accurate. We’ve used several tests on each suspected area because I figure the chances of THREE separate and independent tests being wrong is statistically unlikely.

    We’ve found one area so far that has low levels of lead. I’m being super careful because of the wee one in the house and having it professionally removed is something I’d happily spend money on.

    Thanks for the Joy of Baking website suggestion! Adam doesn’t have any allergies (that I know of yet!) so I have lots of choices!

  3. Sounds like a yummy menu! We did carrot cake for both of our kids’ first birthday cakes. They loved them!

    That first year flies by, doesn’t it?

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