Are You Sleeping, Brother Adam?

Some readers have requested an update to Sleep, Baby, Sleep so I have. I understand the curiosity. I’ve followed other mama blogs about sleepless babies and they seem to trail off without explanation. I assumed that the mothers died of exhaustion. Now I know that the sleep battle always changes but nobody ever seems to win the war. It gets better, it gets worse. Looking back over the entries, I can see how schizophrenic our journey has been.

Anyhoo, I did update to where we stand now.



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2 responses to “Are You Sleeping, Brother Adam?

  1. I was wondering how the sleeping thing was going. I think your battle with sleep is similar to my battle with breastfeeding (albeit not as taxing physically). When I finally accepted that no amount of pumping, drugs, herbal supplements, warm compresses, etc would increase my milk supply, I could stop frustrating both Ginny and I with multiple small feedings. Now I nurse her two or three times a day and the rest of her feedings are formula. She gets the physical comfort she needs from nursing, and the nutrition she needs from the formula. Is it ideal? No. But we do what we have to do, right? Glad you’ve found a way to get through.

  2. Ha ha.. died of exhaustion – not unlikely! You’ve reminded me that I should update my blog about sleep too. I suspect that what happens is that mommy bloggers start to notice that the norm re: sleep is no norm, and it is hard to capture randomness in a post, when you were hoping for a clear and simple pattern. That could explain the trailing off of mommy bloggers on other aspects of parenthood as well…

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