I Am Not Iron Man

I had my annual physical last week and had some blood work done. There is Type 2 diabetes in my family with a fairly early onset with my siblings so my doctor wanted to check my blood sugars. While my blood sugars are fine, I have iron deficiency anemia. Who knew? Not me. I had all sorts of symptoms (sleepiness, mouth ulcers, breathlessness, headaches, feeling faint, trouble concentrating, etc.) but I figured it was due to not sleeping for a year.

My doctor prescribed a crazy dose of an iron supplement and I’ll be starting it today. I’m not thrilled about the side effects of  nausea and other stomach discomfort. During my pregnancy I had enough nausea to last me a lifetime, thank you very much.

Any advice for the iron-less?



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4 responses to “I Am Not Iron Man

  1. It took my stomach approx 8 weeks to adjust to the iron tablets..now most of the time it’s ok, not all the time though.
    I take my tablets in the middle of a meal and this seems better for my tummy than taking them at any other time.

    I’ve really upped my intake of iron rich veg as well.


  2. My iron used to get low too… i’d take your supplement with your meals so it has something to “sit with”, and cook with cast iron pans if you have them.. that ups your iron count too.

  3. My naturopath had me drinking nettle tea when my iron was low during pregnancy, and it bumped right back up. It isn’t the most delicious drink, but it isn’t disgusting, and it definitely isn’t nauseating! Maybe worth a shot?

  4. Dave Cassara

    It is estimated by the WHO (World Health Organization) that iron deficiency is the number 1 nutritional disorders in the world with as much as 80% of the world afflicted. Iron deficiency occurs when the balance of iron that is taken into the body is less than what is required by the body for normal function. The process of iron deficiency is usually slow because the body will first try to compensate for the imbalance by tapping into the forms of iron storage within the body. Once the iron storage forms are depleted, blood hemoglobin levels begin to decrease leading to iron deficiency anemia.’

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