Money Saving Monday #9

I’m very excited that THIS pay period may be the first time that I’ve made our monthly grocery budget work. I’ve had help – the bits and bobs of food that come through our church, $11 leftover on a gift card and $30 from Optimum points but I consider those advantages when I try to work with our budget.

Our monthly budget is $250 which includes food and consumable household items (toilet paper, over-the-counter medications, etc.). Right now we’re at $240.70. Granted we’re only halfway through the pay period but I have more than enough chicken and beef thanks to some good sales. Most of our bread and snack foods come from leftovers at the church. I have a decent amount of frozen veggies and enough toilet paper to last two weeks.

How I plan to spend the $30 Optimum points:

  • skim milk for Thomas and I $3.99
  • whole milk for Adam $4.59
  • iron pills for me $9.03
  • cat food $4.90

The remainding $8 or so I’ll use to find other grocery items that have been marked down.

In other financial news, I finished our taxes. It was MUCH easier than last year when I was dealing with multiple job changes, a renovation tax credit where I had to itemized hundreds of purchases and changes to how the government views Thomas’ housing allowance. And Adam was only a few weeks old. This year was a breeze. We should be getting a good refund and our plan is to put enough into savings to cover our house insurance (due in June) and the rest will be applied to credit card debt. My Saved Quarter Challenge goal is to pay off that debt within the year so this will be a big step towards that. Yay!

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