When It Rains…

The last week has been hard. Adam was/is sick, though he’s on the mend. Thomas and I are sick now and after seeing Adam’s symptoms (running nose, very cranky and just plain looking sick) and feeling what I feel, I think we all have strep throat. Boo.

Last week was the start of a very frustrating experience for us as homeowners as well. As I mentioned in a previous post, we decided to switch to a tankless, gas water heater. An “advisor” from the company had been here, given me a list of what we needed to do to have one installed and booked the technicians. He told us about the government grant we would receive if we had an energy audit done, which we did. We paid $339 for the audit (the grant for the water heater is $375) and my dad got things ready for the water heater.

The technicians came and told us that we couldn’t have a tankless water heater unless we had a water softener. A softener is on our list of upgrades to our home, but I’m not sure that I want to rent one and add yet another monthly expense right now. Not to mention that having a water softener installed might lead to further complications with our ancient plumbing which includes the failing main line into our house. We need to do more research and have some money available before we think about adding a softener.

So when the technicians told us about this and we realized that the advisor had failed to mention anything about a water softener or notice that we didn’t have one (our basement is tiny so it would be hard to overlook), we were pretty peeved. Unless we went ahead with a water softener to get the water heater, we couldn’t receive the grant to cover the energy audit. Even if getting a softener installed was easy-breezy, I would have to book our plumber to come in and check the line, get estimates on the softeners, book to have one installed, rebook to the the water heater installed, book the second audit so they can see we made the changes and have it all done by March 31. And my luck is notoriously bad so I don’t believe that ANY of those things would happen with ridiculous complications.

We were told that the company who had sent the advisor would call us, which they haven’t. I called on Friday and was told to expect a call by Monday, which hasn’t happened either.

We’re out $339 and I’m not going to be satisfied until the company covers that expense. Mistakes happen but this mistake cost us a lot of money. I’m doubtful that they’ll write us a check but I don’t know how else they can make it right. As I told Thomas, I’m about ready to put the baby in the stroller, take a lawn chair and sit in their parking lot, eating peanuts and throwing the shells at their front door until someone makes this right.

What would you do?


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  1. I don’t blame you one bit!! I’d go to the top of the company. Ask to speak to the owner or something up “high”, then tell them clearly what happened, why you’re unhappy, and what you want the end result to be! Good luck!

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