Baby To Go

I agonized over this purchase. It was a lot of money for us but I knew it was something that would be very useful and something that would last. I waited for a sale that I didn’t know would come but finally, I got the e-mail from

An Ergo carrier. We have a Snuggli which I bought with a gift card when Adam was teeny tiny. It was comfortable to wear with him in front but once he hit about 18 pounds, he didn’t fit into it very well. And it was never comfortable for me to wear him on my back. I used the Snuggli in antique stores, outdoor markets, walks in the woods, quick runs to the store. Adam is more than happy to be carried around and I like not having to drag the stroller out of the car everywhere we go.

I heard only good things about Ergo carriers but the best price I saw was $120 with free shipping. That’s crazy talk. Through, I paid $73. The carrier was $54 plus $19 for shipping from Utah. That’s still a lot of money for us but considering I don’t have a car most of the time and the stroller isn’t practical for all the places I’d like to go with Adam, I know it’s a good investment. The purchase used up our household budget for the month but at least, it’s paid for!

The new carrier arrived and thankfully, it is very comfortable to wear. And it’s also designed with Papas in mind so Thomas can enjoy wearing Adam. I’m glad we bought it and I’m even more glad that I waited until a better price came along. With spring just around the corner, it came just in time!



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3 responses to “Baby To Go

  1. I have a sling that I use with Ginny and I love it. I’m looking forward to spring getting here (eventually… it feels like -40C here today according to the weather channel) so that she and I can use it more often and go for walks and things.

    It looks like you got a great deal!

  2. Looks like a great carrier! I think it’s worth the expense if it’s comfortable and high quality! You’ll probably be able to resell it easily when Adams too big for it also!

  3. I saw this too on and was so tempted to purchase for baby #2. Unfortunately I couldn’t convince myself that it was worth it even thought it was on babysteals!

    I used a Baby Bjorn with our daughter and it was the same experience as you had with the Snugli – only worked up until a certain weight and then it ended up being quite painful to put her in it.

    One day I’ll have to test out the Ergo! Don’t know anyone who has it so that’s why I couldn’t pull the trigger to buy it. That one experience with Baby Bjorn just ruined it for me. HAHAH

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