Complaining Works!

I posted last week about our problems trying to install a tankless water heater (fail) which led to us being $339 out-of-pocket for an energy audit.

After my initial complaint to the company, I waited a week and called again. I was transferred FIVE TIMES, mostly to automated menus with irrelevant choices. I explained our problem five times, I told them we didn’t have an account with the company because nothing was installed five times and I waited while they tried to find our non-existant account five times. Finally, FINALLY, I was transferred to a wonderful and helpful person in Customer Relations (why wasn’t I sent there first??) and explained again. She took my information, told me she would send to the manager of the branch involved, gave me her name and number and told me that if I hadn’t heard from anyone in 48 hours to call again.

I didn’t have to call back. She called ME! And told me that if we could fax over our receipt for the energy audit that they would send us a cheque! Woo!


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  1. Good!! Very glad that this was resolved!! Yay! 🙂

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