Wishful Cleaning and More

A few days with (just) above freezing temperatures and I’m starting to get hopeful about spring. I’ve also been organizing, purging and cleaning. It’s that urge to clean under and behind things, air out beds and start projects, as though spring cleaning will melt snow and send flowers into bloom, that is really wishful cleaning. On the other hand, who wants to spend the first glorious days of spring cleaning? With wishful cleaning, it’s already done!

* * * * *

For about two weeks, Adam has been saying his first word. For awhile I pretended that it was just another noise because I didn’t want this to be his first word. But he uses it consistently while pointing at the diaper pail, at the toilet, at our wet shoes on the mat.

“Uck. Uck. Uck.”

My baby’s first word is “yuck”. Sigh.

* * * * *

Carla at 1/2 Dozen Daily is organizing Made With Love, a swap of hand-made goods. Check it out and join the fun!

* * * * *

Thomas and I took Adam to a conservation area for the maple syrup festival. We had pancakes, went on a horse-drawn wagon ride through the sugar bush and met some farm animals. Adam lasted a lot longer than I thought he would and we spent most of the day there. Fun!




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One response to “Wishful Cleaning and More

  1. I feel the same way about cleaning. As soon as the snow melts I want to clean everything and everywhere. But then I heard on the news that we’re getting snow later this week so I am waiting to see if this is true – that could delay the start of Spring cleaning here. HA.

    LOL! That’s an awesome first word. My daughter’s was “Cheese”. She’s a foodie in the making. Maybe Adam will do the cleaning for you next year 😉

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