Finding The Money

It’s been very tough for us financially. While our monthly spending has been reduced $200 to $500 since the last few months of 2010 (the savings are entirely on groceries, not buying crap, eating out less often and buying almost nothing new), we’ve managed to dwindle our meagre savings and added a few hundred dollars to our credit card debt.

I haven’t given up! We’ve already decided to apply our tax refund to the credit card debt, minus what we need to pay our house insurance. After that, we need to find what amounts to 20% of our monthly income EXTRA to pay off the debt by the end of the year. Yikes!

Beyond applying half of any extra money Thomas makes from funerals, weddings and other extra clergy work he does, here are some of our money-making schemes:

  • Garage Sale: We’ve moved A LOT and I started ruthlessly purging years ago so we don’t have a lot to sell. Still, I’m hoping we can make about $300.
  • Knitting: I have a HUGE stash of yarn and some cute and easy patterns for baby things. I’ll knit like a mad woman once my university course is finished, add them to my Etsy shop and try to find a craft show. I’m hoping to make another $300.
  • Continue cutting our budget. How? I have no idea.

I hope no one participating in the Saved Quarter Challenge is getting discouraged. This is HARD. I’m glad that we’re in this together!

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2 responses to “Finding The Money

  1. Good luck with your knitting and garage sale!

    Have you considered starting an Etsy store to sell your knit items?

  2. You’re doing awesome!! I think knitting is awesome! You could do arm warmers, mitts, etc.. To sell! I’d def buy those, as I can’t knit to save my life! lol!

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