More Snow

By the end of March, most Canadians aren’t just looking forward to spring, we feel we deserve spring. We’ve shovelled and shivered. All the cute wool hats and mittens we got for Christmas are dingy, stinky and limp. Our homes smell stale and even hot chocolate doesn’t make up for the hours spent inside. We are over it.

So it was particularly cruel when we had a few balmy days last week that melted the snow. Thomas went out and raked up the leaves and added them to the compost pile. We looked at the garden and outlined an extention. I wondered where I could store our winter clothing.

Last night it began to snow. And snow. And SNOW. There must be 10 cm out there. Enough, Winter. Enough.

(I would post a picture but I refuse to acknowledge this snowfall as picturesque and give the snow the idea that it is welcomed. Snow that falls in December gets that sort of recognition.)


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One response to “More Snow

  1. Oh hon… I soooo hear you! It’s been snowing here since Sunday, and it’s not expected to stop until Friday. I’m so sick of this. We had that few days of lovely warm weather, but it was just set out to turture us I think. At least it’s not in the minus 20s any more, but it’s going to take all of April to melt the snow… *sigh*

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