Finding The Money Part 2

A Saved Quarter Quarterly Update

If things were going swimmingly, we’d have a quarter of our credit card debt paid down. As I mentioned last week, we’re a few hundred dollars deeper in debt. Boo.

But it’s still early and we’ve made some money-making plans.

I’ve started a list of garage sale items and started pricing. My plan is to have about $500 worth of “stuff” to sell which will hopefully bring in at least $300. We’ve offered to sell for our neighbours as well, in order to have more “stuff” making our garage sale more attractive to the masses.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s impossible for me to work a regular part time job with Thomas’ crazy schedule. I have started my paper route which brought in $35.20 this month (the paper is delivered once a week), plus another $14.30 for delivering a catelogue along with the paper one week. The route takes me about 45 minutes, more or less depending on how much snow or slush there is to climb through. I think in good weather I’ll be able to do it 30 minutes.

And I know most Canadians weren’t thrilled to hear that we’re going into a federal election in May but as soon as I heard, I applied for a polling day job. The election is on a Monday which is Thomas’ day off so he can watch Adam. If I get work on the two advance polling days as well, Thomas’ schedule is flexible enough that he could work from home or change his hours. If I get a job, I could make anywhere from $150 to $300. And if I get a job this election, there’s a good chance I could work the provincial election in October.

I hope everyone else is doing better in their challenge. If not, don’t give up!

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